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Your smart trade tool for products and services

Some of the features of Tabdevi are:

Search for products and services for buying and selling
Sell to customers and partners
Buy from suppliers and partners
Open markets, strengthen synergies and the growth of your organisation
Optimise your organisation with opinions of third-parties, partners and employees

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What can I do in Tabdevi?


Connect anytime and anywhere to do business. Add your products and services.


Search products or services that you are most interested in buying or selling.


Listen to the market and know in real time everything related to your activity, products, services and opinions.


Follow products, services, companies or people.


Tabdevi is your solution to strengthen synergies and the growth of your organisation


Start selling quickly and easily. Publish your products and services.


Participate in purchasing processes offering your products and services according to the specifications of the buyers.


Optimise your purchases and sales by creating your products or services in other languages to open markets.


Sell, buy and make your best decisions


Publish purchase processes to obtain better operating margins on the purchases of your products and services.


Invite your suppliers to optimise your purchase processes.


Manage your purchase and sale requests easily.


Listen to your team and you can share ideas, skills, capabilities, resourcefulness, generate added value, creativity and promote the cost effectiveness and competitiveness of your organisation.


Add coworkers or employees to Tabdevi to work as a team and be more productive.


Create and search, analyse, classify and manage your contacts.


Connect with your customers, suppliers, partners and coworkers to maintain productive conversations, generating synergies and business.

For any internet user who wants to do business, Tabdevi is an smart trade tool, with instant access to a global market, anywhere and anytime, where your team can generate value to your organisation.Tabdevi puts its technology at the disposal of any organisation, company, professional, entrepreneur or individual to connect the world and do business

Simply business

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Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

How does Tabdevi work?
Tabdevi offers a free account to its users with all the basic needs to support SMEs. Sign up and start now. Publish your products and services, receive offers and do business. Depending on your activity in Tabdevi you can generate customers, analyze other markets and improve your suppliers.
Can I sell product or services on Tabdevi?
Yes, you can. In less than 3 minutes, you will be able to create and publish your products or services for sale. Tabdevi will help you to position your products or services on the national and international market and expand your business.
Can I purchase products or services on Tabdevi?
Yes, you can. As well as in the sales, with Tabdevi you can publish purchase processes in the market as if you have your own purchasing centre. Ideally, invite your regular suppliers along with others registered suppliers that you don't know and may be of your interest.
How I can reach my target audience?
Publish your sales or purchases, customise the language to match with your target audience so that your products and services have more impact and more dissemination.
Can I create marketing strategies?
Yes, you can. Tabdevi is smart trade tool where all your team will create value to your organisation. When you start to operate on Tabdevi you will discover its true potential.
Can I add employees or coworkers to my organisation?
Yes, we recommend you to add coworkers or employees to create your personal collaborative environment. This way, your coworkers will generate contacts and synergies with other sectors and business with other users and companies.