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Sale and purchase online. B2B market, suppliers and wholesalers is a different and multisectoral B2B marketplace:

Search for products and services, connect and attract customers, meet new wholesalers and suppliers to sell and buy.
Sell to new customers, wholesalers and business partners.
Buy from new suppliers, wholesalers and business partners.
Export to other markets and improve the growth of your business. Import products and services from suppliers and wholesalers to be more competitive.
Optimise your business with opinions of customers, suppliers, wholesalers and employees.

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B2B marketplace for products and services. Sell and buy. Find customers, suppliers, wholesalers and business opportunities in a global market

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Machinery and equipment for sale

Household appliances for sale

Consumer electronics for sale

Chemical products for sale

Building materials for sale

Rubber and plastics for sale

Mechanical and metal parts for sale

Health and medicine for sale

Telecommunications for sale

Personal care and health for sale

Agriculture, forestry, livestock and fishing for sale

Seller central


Improve your visibility on the Internet to do business. If you are a supplier, wholesaler, SME, company, professional or freelance upload your catalogue of products and services to sell and create business opportunities. Connect via instant messaging with customers and suppliers to do business.

Open markets


Sell, export and enhance the visibility of your business by creating new customers and buyers. Tabdevi is your solution to improve synergies and the growth of your trade and your business opportunities.

Buyer central


Buy and import products and services by choosing the best suppliers for your purchase.

Invite your usual suppliers to also participate in your purchase processes and choose your purchase criteria: tender or auction.

Save time and money by buying directly from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters, service providers, SMEs, companies, professionals and freelancers.

Access different national and international markets.

Create your corporate environment


Listen to your team. In Tabdevi, via instant messaging, you can share ideas, skills, capabilities, resourcefulness, generate added value, creativity and promote the cost effectiveness and competitiveness of your trade or business. In this way you will be able to sell and buy products and services in other national and international markets.

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