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14 inch dummy laptop props fake display notebook model

byProfessional or personal
Min. Order Quantity: 10 Units
Production capacity: 800 Units/day
Supply time: 7 Day(s)
Payment terms: PayPal, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $38.00 / Unit
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Product description

14 inch Laptop notebook false props furniture. Dummy display. Props fake decorate.

Furniture store props, display props, trade show props, furniture decorations.

Product features

Dummy display. Laptop. Props fake decorate. Laptop notebook false computer props furniture. The fantastic Laptop dummies are all made of plastic. Shell, more thinner and fashion than before.

ITEM: KT8713(14 inch) dummy Laptop props fake decorate Laptop notebook air screen computer false.

Materials: Plastic

Size: 351 * 235 * 180mm

Color: white or silver / black screen or color screen with company design LOGO image.

Weight: 1.1 KG

Package detail: Carton

Price including freight.

Min order: 10 pcs

Three Main advantage:

No.1: It was really effective and fashional that it can take the place of real thing.

No.2: Cost you least on your electronic display.

No.3: Can be hit strongly, cann't be easily broken, taking care for your customers.

Who need Dummy Plasma TV / Fake Laptop?

Furniture store or furniture stage

Model home Home Stagers

Interior Decorators

Furniture Store Owners

Model Home Decorators

Furniture designer

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    14 inch dummy laptop props fake display notebook model
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