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16-inch CRSF-1603 (ET) desk fan

byGuangdong Changrongyu Hardware & Electric Manufactory Co., Ltd
Min. Order Quantity: 1,149 Sets
Production capacity: 10,000 Sets/day
Supply time: 60 Day(s)
Payment terms: T/T Telex transfer
Price: $17.40 / Set
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Product description

16-inch desk fan with airplane - head-shaped base, remote control type, electric fan voltage 100-240 / 50 hertz / 60 hertz, 50 watts, plastic back protector and rotating turbo front grill, 3 banana shaped blades, 3 speeds, tilt angle per ratchet, 7.5 hour timer, sleep mode, nature and normal wind, oscillating function, total length of power cord 1.5 meters, plug on request.

Product features

Ventilador de escritorio de 16 pulgadas.

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    16-inch CRSF-1603 (ET) desk fan
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