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3D Geomat, Erosion Control Mat

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Min. Order Quantity: 1,000 Square meters
Supply time: 3 Day(s)
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Price: $1.00 / Square meter
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Product description

3D Geomat, Erosion Control Mat

3D Geomat, also known as Erosion Control mat, is a kind of 3D network structure made of high molecular synthetic material. The texture is loose and flexible, and 90% of the space can be filled with soil and sand. Plant roots can grow through it in a balanced manner. The turf after growth makes the mat, turf and soil surface be firmly combined together, and builds a protection system with its own growth ability on the slope, which effectively suppresses the erosion of the storm runoff , increase the shear strength of the soil, reduce the pore water pressure and the self-gravity of the soil, thereby greatly improving the stability and erosion resistance of the slope.

Product features

3D Geomat, Erosion Control Mat: The slope protection technology of 3D Geomat combines the advantages of geomat and plant slope protection, achieve the best slope protection effect. When the vegetation coverage of the slope reaches more than 30%, it can withstand the scour of light rain, and when it reaches more than 80%, it can withstand the scour of heavy rain. When the plants are flourishing, it can withstand water flows(up to 6m/sec), which is more than twice that of ordinary turf. Geomat has a good effect on reducing the evaporation of water from the slope soil and increasing the amount of infiltration. Also, because the geomat material is black PE, it has the function of heat absorption and heat preservation, which can promote seed germination and be beneficial to plant growth.

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    3D Geomat, Erosion Control Mat
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