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4G / LTE Terminal Antenna With SMA / RP SMA Connector

byAsian Creation Communication Co.,Ltd
Min. Order Quantity: 2 Pieces
Production capacity: 100,000 Pieces/day
Supply time: 1 Day(s)
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Price: $2.50 / Piece
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Product description

4G / LTE Terminal Antenna With SMA / RP SMA Connector.

The 4G Whip Antenna is vertically polarized with an omnidirectional radiation pattern. These antennas are intended for demonstration use or short range communications only. It does not require a ground-plane to connect to. It has a quality ABS housing for use with 4G/LTE terminals. Linear polarized antenna can be made very small and light weight, especially useful for weight-critical application.

It can be used straight or hinged 90 degrees. The antenna has a wide-band response and can also be used for other cellular and wireless applications such as GSM, LTE, UMTS, and WI-FI.

P/N: AC-Q7027-YZW

Size: Φ13x172 mm

Product features

Specifications of the 4G / LTE Terminal Antenna With SMA / RP SMA Connector:


Frequency Range 698 - 960 / 1710 - 2700 MHz

Band width 262 / 990 MHz

Gain 3 / 5 dBi

V.S.W.R ≤ 2.5

Radiation Omni-Direction

Polarization Vertical

Maximum Input Power 50 W

Impedance 50Ώ

Connector SMA Male / RP SMA Male

Antenna Radome Material ABS


Dimensions Φ13x172mm

Weight 15 g

Operating Temperature -40℃ to+70℃

RoHS Compliant YES

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    4G / LTE Terminal Antenna With SMA / RP SMA Connector
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