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Service description

Antenna: Antenna for communication.

Service features

Features of the Antenna:

1) 4G LTE / 3G / GSM / PCS / DCS / GPRS Antenna for outdoor or indoor Series

2) MIMO antenna 2.4G / 5G / 3.5G WIFI WLAN WIMAX Antenna Series which include Omni Antenna, Grid Antenna, Yagi Antenna, Dish Antenna, Sector Antenna, Dual Polarized Antenna and 5.1- 5.8 GHz Broadband Antenna etc...

3) RFID Antenna, VHF / UHF Antenna, GPS Antenna, etc...

4) Relative Assemblies: Antenna Mounting Hardware, RF cable assembly, RF Connector, power splitters, couplers, surge protectors, etc...

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