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Asparagus seed PURPLE PASSION F1

bySemillas de Espárragos Alexis Chica Santaella
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Bag
Supply time: 2 Week(s)
Payment terms: Cash, T/T Telex transfer
Delivery conditions: DAP: Delivered At Place
Product delivery at: España y Portugal
Price: $67.72 / Bag
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Product description

Asparagus seed PURPLE PASSION F1. We are distributors of asparagus seeds. We advise farmers, producers, cooperatives and wholesalers on the most suitable seeds for the client in national or international markets.

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With the PURPLE PASSION F1 variety of asparagus seed we advise our clients on how to sow asparagus, how to cultivate asparagus and in its later phases of germination of the horticultural seed, how to plant the root balls or claws of asparagus plant, frames of more suitable plantation and phytosanitary care of the plants.

Product features

Asparagus seed PURPLE PASSION F1. The purple asparagus variety with low fibre sprouts.

Internally, the colour of the asparagus is creamy green; the apical shoot is well fastened and rounded.

The taste of the asparagus is particularly delicate, slightly sweet (sugar content is more than 20% compared to green turion asparagus varieties).

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    Asparagus seed PURPLE PASSION F1
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