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Automatic face mask cartoning machine

byFeidu Machinery Limited
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply time: 30 Day(s)
Payment terms: Cash, L/C Letter of credit, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $22,000.00 / Set
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Product description

Automatic face mask cartoning machine:

This product is suitable for aluminum-plastic medicine plates, aluminum-plastic bags, round bottles, hexagonal bottles, facial masks, facial cleansers, masks, soaps, etc. in medicine, food, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, toys, hardware, electrical appliances, household paper, etc. Toothpaste, pencils, markers, poker, and other similar automatic boxing and packaging, can automatically complete the manual folding, carton opening, item boxing, printing production date and batch number, sealing box, automatic detection and rejection processes.

The machine is controlled by PLC, frequency converter, sensor and other electrical appliances. The sensor monitors the movement of various parts. It automatically rejects unqualified items during operation. If an abnormality occurs, it can automatically stop and display the reason for timely troubleshooting. The machine can be used alone. It can also be used in conjunction with blister packaging machine, pillow packaging machine and its hot sol device or other equipment to form a complete production line.

Product features

Features of Automatic face mask cartoning machine:

Packing speed: 30—100packs/min.

Carton requirements: Paper requirements 250-300/ m2 White card.

300—400g/ m2 Grey card

Depends on carton size: Requires smooth surface to absorb.

Sizes range: L(40~250)x W(30~170)x H(15~70)mm

Specification requirements: Paper requirements 55-65g/ m2

Size range: Max.size: (LxW)260x190mm


Compressed air source pressure ≥0.6MPa

Air consumption: About 100-120L/min

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Main motor power: 1.5kw

Hot glue spraying unit: 3.0kw Optional

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 3500X1350X1650mm

Total Weight: About 1300kg

1. PLC automatic control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, electrical components all use international well-known brands.

2. Using man-machine interface operating system, with fault display, alarm and finished product counting functions.

3. Mechanical overload automatically shuts down.

4. The product will automatically stop when the box is not in place, and it will automatically stop when there is a shortage of materials, a carton or a manual.

5. Automatically reject cartons that lack packaging and instructions.

6. Stable performance, easy operation and easy to understand, easy to change the specifications of different products.

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    Automatic face mask cartoning machine
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