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Blowing Thermoplastic vulcanizate material

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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Metric ton
Production capacity: 137 Tonnes/day
Supply time: 5 Day(s)
Payment terms: D/A Documents against acceptance, D/P Documents against payment, L/C Letter of credit, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $3,000.00 / Tonne
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Product description

Blowing Thermoplastic vulcanizate material TPV.

TPV ( thermoplastic Vulcanizate ) part of the TPE ( thermoplastic elastomer ) family of polymers but are closest in elastomeric properties to EPDM thermoset rubber, combining the characteristics of vulcanized rubber with the processing properties of polymers thermoplastics.

About Suzhou Hongshuo Elastomer:

1) R & D team with 15 + years experience focusing on PE, TPR, TPV

2) 2 factories, 20, 000 square meters workshop

3) ISO 9001, SGS, RoHs, REACH, FDA, Prop65

4) more > 800 domestic and overseas customers

5) Product application: consumer, medical, automotive, electronics industries

Product features

TPV material has excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance and were mainly used in automotive parts, seals, construction and electronic communications.

Specifications: V9004B/N

Hardness(ShoreA) : 90

MFR 180℃ / 5kg(g/10 min): 8

Specific Gravity: 0.97

Tensile strength(kg/cm2): 11.2

Elogation at break(%): 550

Tear strengh(kg/cm): 61

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    Blowing Thermoplastic vulcanizate material
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