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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Production capacity: 500 Units/day
Supply time: 1 Day(s)
Payment terms: Cash, Credit Card, PayPal
Delivery conditions: EXW: Ex Works
Product delivery at: Gijón
Price: 185.63 USD / Unit
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Product description

Candybar with cart cupcakes of Candies the Asturiana.

Complete trolley with original Candybar designed for any type of event: a wedding, a birthday, a baptism, a babyshower, a graduation, an anniversary... It has never been easier to impress guests with such a sweet surprise, full of colors and flavors. We present you with a magnificent Sweet Table full of delicious gummies, easy to prepare in the shortest possible time. It is ideal for medium to large events, between 50 and 100 people. The Trolley can be placed anywhere: in a restaurant, in a garden, in a room, in school... It can also be reused over and over again! Once the event is over, it can be stored until the next time, well assembled, or by removing the pieces and reassembling them at a later date. As you prefer. It has a side tray, which increases the area available for sweets.

Product features

Characteristics of the Candybar with cupcakes cart of Candies the Asturiana.

The Candybar or Sweet Table includes:

- 1 Carton trolley fully decorated, with tray and awning incorporated

- 6 plastic bowls for sweets

- 1 kilo of Mega Assorted Licorice

- 1 kilo of Assorted Gummy Candies

- 1 kilo of Cola Bottles

- 1 kilo of Hearts

- 1 kilo of Flowers

- 12 Cupcakes

- 660 branches Chewing gum Melon Flow Pack

- 24 Strips Assorted Sugarfresh

If one of the components is exhausted, it shall be replaced by another as similar as possible of equal or greater value.

Its measures are: 89 centimetres long (with the tray; without the tray they are 68 centimetres); 1.22 metres high; and finally, 35 centimetres wide.

It comes with assembly instructions.

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