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Cement Blanket, Concrete Canvas, Concrete Cloth Mat

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Min. Order Quantity: 500 Square meters
Production capacity: 10,000 Square meters/day
Supply time: 3 Day(s)
Payment terms: Cash, Credit Card, L/C Letter of credit, Other, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $20.00 / Square meter
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Product description

Cement Blanket, Concrete Canvas, Concrete Cloth Mat

The cement blanket is a special engineering composite material with three-dimensional structure. It is made of special cement, aggregate and other cementitious materials and three-dimensional fabrics. The cement blanket can be widely used in water conservation, ditches, canals, hydraulic works, railway, highway, environmental management, slope protection, structural slope protection and other fields. The main functions are anti- seepage, lining, emergency, etc.

Product features

Features of the Cement Blanket, Concrete Canvas, Concrete Cloth Mat

1. Easy construction: Completed in only 4 steps: Cutting. laying. lapping. hydrating. No need for large machinery. Available in rolls or in bulk easy for transportation, handling and installation.

2. Labor and time saving: The efficiency can reach 400m2/day, work can be done by only 2 people, the tools are simple, no professional technology is needed. Rapid prototyping in any shape without multiple curing.

3. Fireproof and UV resistant: Classification of combustion properties of building materials and products: Class A UV aging resistance: 500 hours > 95% strength retention.

4. Strong and sturdy: Compressive/reflex strength > C40 concrete Durable for 50 years

5. Eco-friendly and low carbon: Compared with traditional methods, the amount of gravel is greatly reduced, and the CO2 is reduced by more than 90%.

6. Water condition workable: Workable in the water.

7. Eco- friendly: No need to deal with the foundation, adapt to deformation.

8. Low overall cost: Significantly reduce labor costs and appliance costs. No cracking, settlement and dislocation.

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    Cement Blanket, Concrete Canvas, Concrete Cloth Mat
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