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CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine for Metal, Customized 1000W

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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply time: 1 Month(es)
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Price: $100,000.00 / Set
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Product description

CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine for Metal, Customized 1000W.

This metal fiber laser cutting machine is able to cut perform stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, galvanized iron, aluminum plate, copper plate, titanium alloy plate, manganese steel plate, iron plate, cold rolled plate, hot rolled plate.

Cutting processing can also process some rare metals, such as: gold, silver, etc. Now an indispensable cutting equipment in sheet metal processing industry.

Fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for: sheet metal processing industry, machinery manufacturing industry, military industry, aerospace industry, medical equipment industry, agricultural machinery industry, automobile manufacturing industry, engineering machinery industry, loader industry, kitchenware manufacturing industry, air conditioning industry, Hardware appliance industry, shipbuilding industry, tram industry, new energy industry, advertising production industry, outdoor decoration industry, garden decoration industry, iron processing and other industries.

Product features

Features of CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine for Metal:

1. IPG & Max cutting head

2. Precitec Procutter auto focus cutting head & large focus adjustement range

3. Cast iron bed, processed by stree relief annealing & natural aging treatment

4. Cypcut software, especiall in the metal cnc cutting machine process

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    CNC tube fiber laser cutting machine for Metal, Customized 1000W
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