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CRCF-1601 16-inch orbit ceiling fan

byGuangdong Changrongyu Hardware & Electric Manufactory Co., Ltd
Min. Order Quantity: 1,430 Sets
Production capacity: 10,000 Sets/day
Supply time: 60 Day(s)
Payment terms: T/T Telex transfer
Price: $11.90 / Set
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Product description

16-inch ceiling fan, voltage 120-240 / 50 Hertz / 60 Hertz, aluminum motor, 55 watts 3-speed, front mesh grille / line, cable total length 0.8 meters, oscillating function, separate switch box will be provided.

CRCF-1601 16-inch orbit ceiling fan.

Product features

16-inch ceiling fan.

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    CRCF-1601 16-inch orbit ceiling fan
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