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Double cabinet high speed spraying line, machinery

byshenzhen juhao automation equipment co.,ltd
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Production capacity: 1 Sets/day
Supply time: 10 Day(s)
Payment terms: T/T Telex transfer
Price: $15,242.00 / Set
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Product description

Double cabinet high speed spraying line, machinery

The manufacturer, Juhao Company has been engaged in R&D and manufacturing of equipment for the silicone button industry for nearly 10 years. All equipments closely follow the changes and requirements of the button industry process in the revision and improvement of innovation. At present, there are more than 50 key industry customers in the Pearl River Delta. Therefore, the spray line developed is most suitable for the precise production of button precision, uniform film thickness, mass production and purification of dust-free production requirements.

Silicone wire high speed spraying line.

Product features

1. Brief Introduction: This machine is a Fully Automated Spraying equipment with the usage of feeding, electrostatic dust automatically, to clean-up the air-jet balance room, automatic spraying manipulator and cutting. Using high-speed imports, high-precision mechanical arm, Servo System with. Pneumatic control systems to automate operations. Imported spray gun LVMP automatic. PLC control with this device. Operate man-machine interface. Reliable performance. Easy to use and maintain.

2. Usage: Applicable to electronics, plastics, toys, mental industries, such a.

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    Double cabinet high speed spraying line, machinery
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