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Essential aroma diffuser

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Min. Order Quantity: 12 Pieces
Production capacity: 15,000 Pieces/day
Supply time: 15 Day(s)
Payment terms: PayPal, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $11.00 / Piece
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Product description

Essential aroma diffuser

Model: DT-1512B

Color: white + wood grain base

Capacity: 300 ML

L ED : colorful light or warm light

Material: PP/ABS/PC

Power: 11-13 W

Voltage / Amps: DC 24V/650MA

Ultrasonic Rate: 2.4 MHz

Timing: 1H / 3H / 6H / ON

Mist adjustable: High/Low

Mist output: about 30-70ML/H

Max time: about 8 Hours

Essential oil: YES

Auto stop power off protection when water runs out

PCS / CTN: 12 pcs

Unit G.W.: 0.73 KG

Box Size: 17*17*15.5 CM

Master Carton: 52.5*35.5*33 CM

Product features

Aromatherapy & humidifier.

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    Essential aroma diffuser
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