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Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-E

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Price: $80,000.00 / Set
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Product description

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-E with Exchange Platform

Exchange platform with fiber laser cutting machine can cut most of the metal sheets, especially its exchange platform can save more than 50% of space and cost compared with others, At the same time,  can achieve higher cutting precision and efficiency. It is easy for users to operate and maintain. At the same time, the strict assembly process ensures the stable operation of the machine with high precision. Optical fiber laser cutting machine providing users with powerful cutting ability and efficiency with imported top-grade accessories.

Easy to install OR-E exchange platform with high quality metal cutting laser.

Product features

Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-E

1. Dual platform, dual efficiency

OR-E is an upgraded OR-F machine that can cut most of the metal plates,saving the cost of purchasing two machines,saving more than 50% of space,doubling production efficiency, and creating higher profitsing.

2. Exchange platform

The machine is equipped with an exchanged double working platform.

While working on one table, the other platform can load and unload the sheet workpiece.

3. Software control

High positioning accuracy, Long life time.

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    Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-E
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