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FARMTRAC 22 tractor, new tractor for sale

byMinitractores España
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Supply time: 1 Week(s)
Payment terms: Cash
Delivery conditions: EXW: Ex Works
Product delivery at: Granada
Price: $10,001.32 / Unit
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Product description

FARMTRAC 22 tractor is a tractor designed with high performance and capacity. FARMTRAC is a tractor with high power and durability. Within the range of compact tractors there are different categories whose power is between 18 - 30 hp. Tractor can be registered.

The tractor is very easy to use due to its characteristics and dimensions and it will undoubtedly help you to improve the productivity of your installations, both in agricultural and livestock facilities. Furthermore, the FARMTRAC tractor is adapted to all types of work such as mowing, rotavator, gardening work, work in the vineyard, in olive trees, orchards and farms. FARMTRAC tractors have a good range of compact tractors and are a good choice based on their versatility, confrot and durability.

FARMTRAC tractors are equipped with a high quality MITSUBISHI engine, with the MITA Contact Mesh technology transmission allowing hydraulic lifting.

The FARMTRAC tractor has a mechanical transmission, side control, double pedals, cruise control, safety arch, 3-point lift capacity, position and depth control, power take-off.

Product features

New FARMTRAC 22 tractor for sale.


Emission standards: Stage V

Rated power ERPM: 21 HP

CV Cylinders: 952

Number of cylinders: 3

Air filter type: Dry air filter


PTO, rpm: 540 / 540E


Type: Constant Mesh

No. of gears: 9 forward + 3 reverse

Differential lock: Yes


Type: Simple


Type: Oil brakes

Handbrake: Independent


Category: Cat 1 N


Functions: Position control

Load capacity, kg: 750 kg

Rear auxiliary valve: 1 double action


Assisted: Power steering


Front axle: 2WD / 4WD


Front tyre 5.2x14 / 5x12

Rear tire 8x18


Fuel capacities in litres: 24 litres.


Length, mm: 2674

Width, mm: 1020

Height mm: 2160

Wheelbase: 1420


Horizontal exhaust pipe

Engine shutdown key

Operator presence detector

The FARMTRAC tractor is compatible with various implements: front loader, rotavator, milling machine, shredder, etc... The price does not include VAT.

Contact us through the form, we are specialists in agricultural tractors and mini tractors, we will inform you of all the doubts you have about the FARMTRAC tractor for sale. We are also at your disposal in case you want to consult us about other types of tractors.

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    FARMTRAC 22 tractor, new tractor for sale
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