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FARMTRAC tractor series 6075 E, new tractor for sale

byMinitractores España
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Supply time: 1 Week(s)
Payment terms: Cash
Delivery conditions: EXW: Ex Works
Product delivery at: Granada
Price: $27,938.47 / Unit
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Product description

FARMTRAC tractor series 6075 E is a new tractor for sale that is suitable for all types of work in the field, registration tractor. The tractor is ideal for farm and livestock farming.

FARMTRAC tractors are compact tractors designed with high performance, high power and durability. Furthermore, the tractor is easy to use and improves your productivity. The tractor is equipped with high quality MITSUBISHI engine, recognized for its excellent power and torque, cleaner emissions.

The Farmtrac tractor is powered by a MITSUBISHI engine with CARRARO transmission.

Contact us through the form, we are specialists in agricultural tractors, we will inform you of all the doubts you have about the FARMTRAC tractor for sale. We are also at your disposal in case you want to consult us about other types of tractors.

Product features

FARMTRAC tractor series 6075 E, new tractor for sale.



Model: Escorts

Engine power: 75 hp

Type - NA / TQ / TCI / CRDI : Common rail, Direct injection with TCI

Number of cylinders: 4

Displacement: 3460


Standard PTO speed: 540 / 540E


Type: Synchronized

No. of gears: 12F + 12 R, option 24 - 24 (Brake acts on 4WD/12F + 12R - Mechanical inverter

Rear axle reducer type: Epicycloidal reduction


Type: Double clutch

Size:12 x 12


Type: Hydraulic brakes OIB

THIRD POINT Hook, 3rd point

3rd geometrical point coupling, category I and II: Category II


Type: ADDC

Load capacity kg : 2500 kg / optional 3000 kg

Auxiliary valve, double acting - double acting: 2DA/ 2SA / Optional 3DA / 3SA


Tiltable telescopic power steering.


Front tyres 11.2 x 24 / optional - 280 / 85R24 tyres

Rear tyres 16.9 x 30 / optional - 420 / 85R30


Battery on/off: Yes.

Swing bar: Yes.

Trailer brake: HTB optional DATB

The exposed tractor has no cab, but the tractor with HVCA-conditioned cab is also available. The price does not include VAT.

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    FARMTRAC tractor series 6075 E, new tractor for sale
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