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Fast Delivery b grade Baby Diaper in China

byHebei Yizhongjie Trading Co.,Ltd.
Min. Order Quantity: 140,000 Pieces
Supply time: 15 Day(s)
Payment terms: L/C Letter of credit, Other, PayPal, T/T Telex transfer
Delivery conditions: FOB: Free On Board
Product delivery at: Tianjin
Price: 0.05 USD / Piece
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Product description

Fast delivery b grade baby diaper in China

1. PE Film Backsheet: with PE materials, economic type with size printing.

2. PP Tapes: sticky and can be use many times.

3. Blue ADL: distribute urine all over to make it more dry.

4. Soft Cotton Topsheet: make baby feel more soft

5. Good Absorbency: absorb urine and lock wetness, say goodbye to rashes.

6. Economic prices: the most advantage is its cheap price. Bottom prices available. Mummy can buy several bags with no pressure.

Product features

Fast delivery b grade baby diaper in China, FAQ:

1. OEM service: OEM service is offered. Customized packing according to customer requests.

2. MOQ: 1 of 20FT container.

3. Payment Term: 30% T/T deposit before production, balance again copy of B/L

4. Delivery Time: 20 to 30 days after 30% T/T deposit received and packing design approved.

5. Sample: Free sample provided, customers pay for sample freight fees.

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    Fast Delivery b grade Baby Diaper in China
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