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FIELD TRAC Mini Tractors - Tractors for sale and agricultural machinery

byMinitractores España
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Supply time: 1 Week(s)
Payment terms: Cash, Credit Card, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $9,961.70 / Unit
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Product description

FIELD TRAC Mini tractor VST 224 D new and registered, for sale. The FIELD TRAC tractor is ideal for farm agriculture and for farmers and ranchers to work the land and do their jobs more easily and comfortably.

With the FIELD TRAC tractor you will be able to plant, sow, cultivate, fumigate, harvest and transport. In addition, with FIELD TRAC you can perform other tasks related to agriculture, livestock and gardening.

Contact us through the form. We will call you and inform you about everything, we are specialists in selling Field Trac agricultural tractors.

Minitractores España is specialist in tractors, minitractors and agricultural equipment, we advise you to buy the best machinery for your farm.

Product features

The technical features of the FIELD TRAC mini tractor VST 224 D are:

- Mitsubishi 3-cylinder diesel engine, Mitsubishi Field Trac.

- Power 22 hp

- PTO with 3 speeds.

- Adjustable track 74 - 89 cm

- Manual gear system, 6 speeds forward and 2 speeds backward.

- Traction 4 x 4

- Hydraulic steering

- Ergonomic design

We offer all types of tools, spare parts, implements and equipment for mini-tractors and agricultural tractors. In addition, Minitractores Spain offers after-sales service, excellent.

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FIELD TRAC Mini Tractors - Tractors for sale and agricultural machinery
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