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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter PRO-F9

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Product description

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter PRO-F9 is a non-invasive spot-check device for measuring the pulseoxygen saturation and pulse rate, through which it can monitor the oxygen supply status of the body and prevent the danger of hypoxia.

Nowadays, Pulse Oximeter is widely used in home care, hospitals, clinics, healthcenters, oxygen bars, highland district, physical care in sports (it is recommendedtouse before or after sports) etc.

Product features

Features of Fingertip Pulse Oximeter PRO-F9:

- Anti-scratching display with unique mirror design

- Advanced SpO2 technology with Perfusion Index reading

- 6 display modes of SPO2 value,Pl, PR, pulse wave, bar graph

- Humanized menu and prompts,

adjustable brightness and memory of last setting, etc.

- Strong anti-interference, low perfusionof 0.3%

- Low power consumption auto switch-off function

- Various customized services are available

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    Fingertip Pulse Oximeter PRO-F9
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