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Garments Manufacture, KG Garments Limited Bangladesh

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Service description

Garments Manufacture, KG Garments Limited Bangladesh.

Service features

We have our own Garments Manufacturing Unit "KG Garments Limited" for the Bottom & Jackets ( Non-Denim & Denim ) in Bangladesh. We are specialized in Casual Pants, Chinos, Shorts, Cargo Pants, Boxer Shorts, Pajamas, Swim Wear, Sportswear, Work Wear, Uniform & Denim Pants / Jackets in many kinds.

We are certified by BSCI, Sedex & Oekotex.

We can export from associate certified factories.

Rest of the Garments articles in Knit, Sweater, Under Garments and Footwear & Bags etc. We use to produce from our all associated factories through our buying house.

Rest of the apparel articles of Knit, Woven, Sweater, Under Garments, Lingerie, Bikini, etc.

Beside apparel, through our Buying House, we are also exporting footwear, mainly Men’s Formal Shoes, Ladies Shoes / Heels & "Espadrille – Basic and Fancy" & "Moccasin for Gents & Ladies".

We are also exporting "Paper Made Shopping Bags" as well as Jute, Cotton & Cotton Blended ( Twill & Canvas ), Denim, Mesh Fabrics and Leather made Shopping and Casual Bags in varieties.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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    Garments Manufacture, KG Garments Limited Bangladesh
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