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Green asparagus seed Ercole F1

byAgentes de Semillas Alexis Chica
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Product description

Green asparagus seed Ercole F1. We are distributor of NEW PLANT asparagus seeds for Spain and Portugal.

Contact us through the form below to contact and advise you about our asparagus seeds for sale.

We are in contact with farmers, producers, cooperatives, wholesale and customers of asparagus and incorporate improvements in production and quality in new varieties of asparagus.

NEW PLANT is in charge of the research and experimentation of new varieties of asparagus in order to give an answer to farmers, producers, cooperatives, traders and to the tastes and demands of the clients, both in the national market and in the international markets where the asparagus is exported.

CRA(Italy). The production and quality of the Eros, Giove, Ercole and Franco asparagus varieties created by Agostino Falavigna (researcher and geneticist of new varieties who has been working for 40 years using innovative reproduction techniques). Male hybrid asparagus, large calibres of asparagus, growth at high temperatures and disease tolerance are his main achievements.

Product features

Ercole F1 green asparagus seeds. The predominantly male hybrid asparagus, obtained by crossing a heterozygous female parent and a diplo-haploid male parent derived from the in vitro cultivation of anthers. Evaluated by CRA.

Soil preferences for asparagus cultivation: asparagus have a high capacity to adapt to various soil textures, including very clayey.

Asparagus climate preferences: asparagus is suitable for continental climates, cold winters and hot summers.

Asparagus productivity / earliness: Asparagus production is stable during the harvest stage and very early.

Asparagus tolerances: asparagus has a high tolerance to spike due to high temperatures at harvest time and high tolerance-resistance to rust (Puccinia aspárragus).

Characteristics of the asparagus shoot: the green asparagus with shades of bright red at the base, with medium-high sizes, the bracts very attached, very closed apex, suitable for growing green asparagus.

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