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Green asparagus seed Grande F1

byAgentes de Semillas Alexis Chica
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Bag
Supply time: 2 Week(s)
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Price: $62.92 / Bag
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Product description

Green asparagus seed Grande F1. We are a distributor of Grande F1 green asparagus seeds. We advise farmers, producers, cooperatives and wholesalers on the most suitable seeds for the client in national or international markets.

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With the Grande F1 green asparagus seed variety we advise our clients on how to sow asparagus, how to cultivate asparagus and in its later phases of germination of the horticultural seed, how to plant the root balls or claws of asparagus plant, more suitable planting frames and phytosanitary care of the plants.

Product features

Early and vigorous hybrid Grande F1 green asparagus seed that provides excellent asparagus productivity throughout the shoot collection cycle until the end of the mowing season.

The production of asparagus is very uniform, attractive, large asparagus, soft and conical shape (30-35 gr. medium weight), medium to large diameter (larger than Atlas, Apollo and UC 157).

The colour of the asparagus is green with the presence of purple tones in the gem of the session, which always remains tight also at high temperatures.

The asparagus can be used for the production of green and white asparagus and can be cultivated both in protected cultivation and in the open field.

The exceptional vigour of this variety allows the plant to tolerate biotic and abiotic stress well.

Strengths: (IR) Foa (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. asparagus) / Pa (Puccinia asparagus, rust).

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  • Francisco

    Buena producción con la variedad de semillas Grande F1. Buen proveedor de semillas de espárragos.

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Green asparagus seed Grande F1
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