About Tabdevi - Trade & Business

What is Tabdevi?

Tabdevi is a smart multi-sector trade tool that facilitates with its technology that buyers and sellers like you have a meeting point to do business online, anytime and anywhere in the world. Tabdevi allows you to publish the sale of your products and services. Tabdevi also allows you to publish the purchase of products and services to save time and money. Tabdevi is aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, groups, associations, professionals, freelancers and individuals who want to use it.

As a user you will be able to communicate via instant messaging by creating conversations with your customers, suppliers, partners or personal contacts and that will keep you connected with all your contacts, your coworkers or employees and with the departments of your organisation or company. Using Tabdevi, you will be able to work in a collaborative way among all the members of your organisation.

Tabdevi creates value to its users via five fundamental pillars:

  1. Generation of sales opportunities and increasing your income.
  2. Optimisation of purchases improving qualities and your price margins.
  3. Creation of a meeting point for the company where all coworkers or employees can state how to generate value to your organisation by optimising production processes and working as a team in a collaborative way.
  4. Improve communication with your customers, suppliers and partners.
  5. Widen contacts both at the national and international levels.

Tabdevi is very easy to use and you may access via computers, tablets and mobile phones by visiting www.tabdevi.com

How to improve your business. Tabdevi Trade & Business basic features

  • Searches: generated based on the interests of users and the application of filters created by Tabdevi.
  • Follow: Any user will be able to follow your products and services, your organisation or company and yourself. Likewise, you will be able to follow the products and services of other users, other organisations or companies and other users.
  • Employee management: create employees or coworkers easily in your network, because they will add value to your organisation or company by getting new customers, suppliers, partners and contacts. Your coworkers will be able to generate value viewing or following products or services of other companies that may be of interest to your organisation or company and find new markets to create strategic alliances.
  • Follow the market: you will be able to follow the market by viewing the information generated in the Notifications section:
    • by the launch of new products and services of your own company,
    • all your coworkers or employees will know the opinions and valuations that other users have about the products and services of your company. Thus all your company staff will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of the products and services you can buy and sell in the market. In this way, all employees will be able to generate value to the company and offer value propositions for the growth of your business.
    • By following other organisations or companies you'll be informed of all the products and services that others are SELLING in the market, but not what they BUY. This way, the internal operation of a company is safeguarded.
    • By following a product and service you will be informed of all the opinions and valuations that other users write about it.
    • By following a user you will be informed of the opinions and valuations that user writes about any product and service.
    • The "Followed" section displays the companies, products and services and users you follow and these are not shared with your coworkers or employees. The "Followers" section displays users who follow your company, your products and services and yourself.
  • Generate sales: any organisation or company will be able to show the sale of its products and services to the market through Tabdevi, hence you can reach all the markets you wish so, just create the product in the language as desired to generate purchases by those new customers in that market. Make a good description of the product or service you wish to sell and upload a quality photo so the client has a clear idea of what you are offering.
  • Optimise purchases: any organisation or company that uses Tabdevi as a tool will be able to obtain a greater number of offers for the purchases of products and services, according to the buyer's specifications. If the buyer hasn't received a considerable number of offers, then invite as contacts your regular suppliers to register at Tabdevi from the Invite contact section. Make a good description of the product or service you wish to buy and upload a quality photo and the necessary documentation so the supplier has a clear idea of what he has to offer.
  • Language: publish the products or services you want to buy or sell in different languages and you will get the best results according to your objectives and strategies.
  • Professional profile of the company: State the professional profile of your organisation to the users, geographical scope, areas of interest, as well as the contact details and products or services you sell. In the profile you can choose if you are a manufacturer, producer, services supplier, exporter, importer, wholesale distributor, retailer, commercial agent or an indiviual.
  • Manage your contacts: from the contacts section you can manage your contacts and rate them according to your criteria. Moreover, you can view the public personnel of the organisation and the products and services they sell.
  • Invite contacts: search for your contacts in Tabdevi by sending them an invitation to connect and do business.
  • Real-time communication: through Tabdevi you can communicate in real-time via instant messaging with all the departments of your organisation, your employees, your customers, your suppliers, your partners or your personal contacts.

    Any contact can communicate with you through the creation of conversations, generating a greater and productive communication flow among all the members of the conversation, wherever you are.

  • Settings: select the language in which you want to view the platform or the currency with which you feel most comfortable so that we can display the prices of the products and services seek. If you have administrator roles you can edit the company profile, user roles and permissions and purchase permissions.

At Tabdevi you can publish the products and services you wish to sell, as well as those you wish to buy to increase or improve your operating margins. Using Tabdevi you can provide greater satisfaction to your customers and learn about new products or services that your sector offers or the market demands.

Register FREE at Tabdevi to get your basic account and you will be able to increase the operational functionality to compete in the market by acquiring a Professional, Business or Premium profile.

How to increase your sales? Start selling now

Improve your presence in national and international markets:

  • Tabdevi can help you increase your online sales because in less than 3 minutes you are ready to sell any product or service. Moreover, Tabdevi will give a greater presence to your organisation or company in the market. The more number of products or services you have you will be getting more followers and you will have a greater capacity for dissemination in the launching of new online products and services.
  • If you want to sell online a product or service click here.
  • If you wish to view users, companies and products or services that you follow or are being followed click here and view the "Following" and "Followers” section.
  • From your organisation or company you should create coworkers or employees in a way that all members of your organisation interact with the rest of organisations or companies in order to generate sales. If you wish to create a coworker or employee click here or go directly to your “Employees Network".
  • In the Notifications section of the Professional, Business or Premium accounts you will be able to view cross-purchases, in such a way that the purchases of others can be a sale of yours if they match with the product or service you are buying. Click here if you wish to access the notifications section and view the potential sales you can obtain if you have a Professional, Business or Premium account.

How to save money buying? Start buying now

Notify your regular suppliers and tell them that you are managing your purchases online via Tabdevi. Tabdevi can help you improve your operating costs by buying at better prices or by buying higher quality. At Tabdevi you just need to post your purchases by following the steps shown and in less than 3 minutes you will be purchasing any product or service. If you wish to post the purchase of a product or service click here.

There are 2 types of purchases that you can publish:

  • Nominative Purchase is a type of purchase where the name of your organisation or company appears.
  • Anonymous Purchase is a type of purchase where the name of your organisation or company is not displayed until the provider contacts you. This type of purchase is ideal for strategic purchasing and may only be published by Professionals, Business and Premium accounts.

At the same time, in the purchase lead published the suppliers will be able to view the assessment criteria set by the buyer to select a provider. The assessment criteria of the proposals for a purchase may be "Tender" or "Auction". In this way, suppliers will be able to customise their proposals with the criteria defined by the buyer. The criteria to assess:

  • Tender: assessment criteria are capacity, quality and price
  • Auction: assessment criteria is only price.

In your purchases it is important that you invite your regular suppliers to come and offer your purchases, this way you will get best quotes; you will be able to receive offers both from your regular suppliers as well as other existing suppliers in the market. Click here to invite the suppliers or contacts that are most relevant to you.

In the purchase permissions, if you have selected all accounts any user with any account type will be able to quote on your purchases. If, on the other hand, you delete any account type from the pre-selected types, it means that the account type not selected will not be able to quote on your purchase. Any organisation or company that has a superior account type than your account type they will be able to quote by default, hence the check box appears disabled.

How to bring value to your organisation or company?

Generating a collaborative environment where all your coworkers add value to your organisation or company:

  • Tabdevi offers the users an environment where one can see the opinions and valuations of other users on your products and services. You may view the opinions here, in the notifications section.
  • The potentiality of Tabdevi is that any coworker or employee who is a member of your organisation will be aware of the virtues or defects of your products and services, therefore the team that optimises the value chain within your organisation can improve processes or the team in-charge may be congratulated directly by the customers. With our services you will get a greater satisfaction of your customers and your coworkers will have a greater communication ability to state within your organisation the ways to optimise processes and save costs.
  • Tabdevi has designed an online valuation and reputation system that motivates users, customers, suppliers and business partners

Tabdevi is a tool that enhances communication among your:

  • coworkers or employees
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • partners and
  • other personal contacts.

Thus on Tabdevi you will generate a collaborative environment to work in a team with all your contacts. On the one hand, you will be internally connected with all users in your organisation (coworkers or employees and departments) and, on the other hand, you are connected with your contacts (customers, suppliers, partners or personal contacts) to jointly generate any business or synergies. Moreover, from the sales management and purchase management section you can go to expand your contacts portfolio, by adding them as customers or suppliers.

Moreover, you may invite any of your contacts through the invite contact section by clicking here.

It is well proven that all members of an organisation or company can generate value for the organisation itself through team work, as at Tabdevi you can generate a meeting point among the company or organisation, coworkers or employees, products and services you buy or sell and all your contacts as customers, suppliers, partners or personal contacts. Moreover, at Tabdevi you generate a collaborative environment where the members of your organisation or company internally can generate conversations to:

  • generate new business opportunities
  • propose cost savings in any of your business lines
  • improve the internal processes of the company
  • or for any other conversation you wish individually or in group.