Basic configuration

Tabdevi bar and activity notifications

When you sign in to Tabdevi you will enter directly on to your corporate business network.

The Tabdevi activity bar is set at top side of your browser and where you can view if you have notifications and access other sections of the platform:

  • Search engine: search products or services that you are most interested in purchasing or selling.
  • My products or services: create and publish your products and services to make them known.
  • Sales management: manage your sales and generate customers.
  • Purchase management: manage your purchases and generate suppliers.
  • My profile: edit your profile and preferences.
  • Contacts: manage all the contacts in your organisation or company and your personal contacts.
  • Invite contacts: invite other users to connect via Tabdevi.
  • Create employees: create coworkers or employees within your organisation or company.
  • Messages: you will view all your conversations.
  • Department: you will view all the active conversations among coworkers or employees with your department.
  • Invitations: you will view the notifications of invitation by other users.
  • Notifications: you will view all the generated activity.
  • Settings: Enter this section to configure your account and your company profile.
  • Logout: you will disconnect from Tabdevi.
  • Help: access the help section where you can find everything you need to guide you and to operate on Tabdevi.

How to change your password

If you wish to change your password go to settings, click "edit" on the password field and follow the steps.


How to change language

If you wish to change the Tabdevi default language, go to settings and select your preferred language.


How to change currency

If you wish to customise your Tabdevi environment so that the prices of the products or services may be displayed in your local currency, then go to settings and select your preferred currency among the 33 currency types we offer.


The profile of your organisation or company

If you wish to edit the profile of your organisation or company you must have administrator permissions. In this section you will be able to provide all the data and information about your organisation. Click here to add , edit and save the data you wish to provide.

Your user profile

If you wish to edit your user profile click here, locate the field, click edit, modify it and save the change.

In this section you will be able to edit your name, surnames, position, location, telephone and write a small reference about yourself. You may also upload a photo to your profile, you will view the department to which you belong within your organisation or company, select the activity areas or sectors in which you are interested and your geographical scope of sales.