Employees network

View your employees network

If you wish to view your employees or coworkers network, go to your "Employees Network” section by clicking here. In this section you can find out more details of your coworkers.

How to create an employee?

In your "Employees Network" section you can add more employees to your organisation by clicking on "Add employee" or click here.

Clicking on the above link opens a screen where you will have to fill in the necessary fields to create that employee or coworker and add it to your "Employees Network".


After filling in the fields click on the "Add Employees" button and Tabdevi will inform you of the users who have not been invited (see the next point on "Advanced option" to find out the reason). The invited employees will receive an email message from Tabdevi to complete the process.

IMPORTANT: Tell your employee to open his email account and search for the message sent to him by Tabdevi and click the button inside, which will take him to our registration page to enter his information and complete registration.

If the created employee cannot find the email, ask him to search in the "Spam" folder or view "I cannot find the confirmation email to validate my registration on Tabdevi" section.

How to create an employees or coworkers group? Advanced option.

The creation of coworkers or employees can be done in 2 ways:

  • One by one (if users have different user type, department type, department name and visibility scope) or
  • In group (if all users have the same user type, department type, department name and visibility scope).

In the email field we must specify as many email accounts as needed separated by comma (,). IMPORTANT: Email accounts must be of coworkers or employees of your organisation so that you can create your own corporate business network.

You can select two types of users to create employees or coworkers:

  • Administrator: has all the roles and permissions to operate in your organisation or company.
  • Standard user: has limited roles and permissions (cannot manage the company profile, nor the roles and permissions, nor purchase permissions).

With regard to the department type select a department from those listed and enter a name for your department in the next field.

The visibility scope of your coworkers or employees can be of 2 types:

  • Public profile*. If you select this option you will enhance relations among your coworkers and your contacts, as each user will be able to see this user in the company profile.
  • Internal profile*. These employees will have a more internal profile within your corporate business network and will not be visible in the company profile.

(*) The visibility scope can be changed at any time from the SETTINGS, ROLES AND USER RIGHTS section for each coworker or employee.

Finally click Add employees.

If Tabdevi notifies you that certain emails from coworkers or employees have not been invited it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The user already has an account in Tabdevi with that email. In this case, you must create the user account with a different email.
  • The user has already been created/added previously but has not completed the registration process. In this case, the user must go to his/her email and find a mail with subject “Registered user on Tabdevi" and follow the instructions in the mail.

How does a new coworker or employee access Tabdevi?

When you create or add an employee to your corporate business network, what you are doing is inviting him/her to join your organisation as an employee.

Once you have created the user, your coworker or employee must follow the following steps to complete the process:

  • Step 1: The created employee has to check his/her email account, find a Tabdevi message with the subject “Registered user on Tabdevi" and click "Complete Registration” button.
  • Step 2: Fill personal details, complete the process and they will be able to directly access their account on Tabdevi.