Follow the market, companies, products, services and users

What information can I follow in Tabdevi?

If you are registered, you can follow organisations or companies, products, services or users and you can view all the information they generate in your notifications section. You will also be able to view everything you follow from the "Followed” section.


What information can I view when I follow a company, a product and service or an user?

  • If you follow an organisation or company you will view the publication or the launch of all new products and services they sell.
  • If you follow a product or service you will view the opinions and valuations the users publish about that product or service. In this way, you will always be aware about the opinions and valuations made on them by other interested users.
  • If you are a registered Tabdevi user you will view all the opinions and valuations that user publishes about other products and services. You will be able to follow the users that most interest you by their sector, by their post or by their opinions and valuations.

And all this, with the sole aim to help any user in making their decisions, generate a contact to do business, make an online purchase or sale, among other things.

Moreover, the product or service that you wish to follow you will always have them identified, you will find it in the "Followed" section and you will be able to access the product or service at any time. It works in the same manner for companies and users.

The following of products and services is done on a personal basis for each registered user. Other users will not be able to view the information you follow.

All the information generated will be notified to you in the notifications section.

What information can I see from my contacts?

Through Tabdevi, your contacts will keep you informed of any new products or services they publish for sale and you can view them in your notifications section.

How to view the opinions and valuations of a product or service I am following?

If someone publishes an opinion or valuation about a product or service you are following you will be notified and you'll view the user's opinion in your notifications section. If you wish to view to the opinions on the products and services you follow go to the "Following” section, search and click on the product or service you follow.