Invite contacts

How to invite contacts?

If the contact you wish to invite is not in your Contacts, select "Invite contacts" and use any of the 3 options available:

  • 1st Option: Inviting your contacts via email. Enter the emails of each contact in the box, separated by commas and press the "Send invitation” button.tabdevi-invite-contacts-email
  • 2nd Option: Importing your contacts from other social media platforms, emails, tablet or your mobile phone. In general, follow the steps below: 1) Select from of the available options: Linkedin, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, QQ mail, 163.com, 126.com, Yeah.net (follow the steps as stated for each platform). 2) Export your contacts to a csv file (example.csv) or vCard (example.vcf) and download it on your device. (3) Upload the CSV or vCard file to Tabdevi and 4) select the contacts and click "Send invitation".tabdevi-importar.png

    If you already have the CSV or vCard file downloaded on your computer or mobile device, then just click on the "vCard" or "CSV” icon, upload the file, select the contacts and click "Send Invitation".

  • 3rd Option: Informing your contacts through your social media networks. Click on the icon to go to your social media network and share our invitation to Tabdevi.tabdevi-inform-share-social-networks.png