Buyer central

How to manage your purchases

From the "Purchases management" section you will be able to manage the purchases of your organisation. In this section your organisation will receive all messages/proposals from your potential suppliers when:

  • You have published the purchase of a product or service and the suppliers send their proposals for your assessment.
  • Or when you get in touch with a seller to purchase a product or service of your interest or to seek more information about the product or service.

In this "Purchases management" section you will get in touch with the suppliers to reach appropriate agreements.

How to generate suppliers

In the "Purchases management" section you can create suppliers by sending an invitation to suppliers to get in touch with your organisation, by simply clicking on the link "Invite as a supplier".


How to view and reply to a message received in purchases management?

In the "Purchases management" section you will be able to reply to all messages you receive. You will be able to receive two types of messages:

  • When you request reply within 72 hours (if you do not respond within 72 hours, the message will be blocked and the supplier won't be able to respond) or
  • tabdevi-purchases-management-72-hours
  • When there is no request for response within 72 hours; in this case there is no countdown ticker.

Once the supplier has responded, you will be able to check the company profile of the potential supplier by clicking on the name of their organisation and view the product or service profile which is the subject of negotiation by clicking on its name.

Just below the message of the potential supplier, you can find a text box to respond and begin your particular negotiation, comment or send you additional information as may be requested by the supplier relating to the product or service you wish to buy.