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High Power Laser Machine OR-H 3015 Oree Laser

Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supply time: 1 Month(es)
Payment terms:
Price: $100,000.00 / Piece
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Product description

High Power Laser Machine OR-H 3015 Oree Laser:

OREE LASER high power "H" machines with cast bed, automatic table change in the version with protective cabin.

Model OR-H 3015, high class laser machine for sheet metal cutting. Laser power from 6000W to 12000W. With ytterbium source optional IPG, RAYCUS.

The main application of OR- H laser machines for cutting sheet metal with high precision and quality in contouring: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium and other metal sheets.

1.Raytools Cutting Head.

2.The Cypcut control system.

3.YASKAWA Servo Drives.

4.Aerospace aluminum portal.




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Product features

High Power Laser Machine OR-H 3015 Oree Laser:


- Automatic table change, to increase equipment productivity.

- Secure cab according to CE standards.

- High laser power from 15000W

- Fiber optic laser machines OREE LASER use a portal type coordinate table. The sheet is stationary during processing.

- The cutting zone is located in a special enclosure with the possibility of connecting an external hood.

- Laser radiation is generated by a ytterbium fiber laser from 1000 to 4000W.

- Pneumatic system provides supply to the cutting zone from external air, oxygen or inert gas lines.

- Focusing optical system is equipped with a non-contact capacitive sensor, which automatically maintains a constant focus position of the cutting head relative to the sheet metal being processed, and ensures high quality of cut.

- Auxiliary gas supply system allows to use three different types of gas (oxygen, nitrogen, air), the system is equipped with software-controlled adjustment of auxiliary gas pressure O2.

- To remove gases generated during cutting, a special extraction system is provided.

- Beam transport system (fiber optic) does not require special maintenance, unlike "flying optics" used in CO2 laser machines, which significantly reduces the cost of operating the machine.

OREE LASER Laser Machines use ytterbium fiber lasers, which eliminates the need for high-purity gas mixtures and does not require a turbine, mirrors, etc., which also significantly reduces operating costs.

- Laser source operation time is about 100 000 hours of continuous operation.

- Capacity of the used laser source reaches 35%.

- The unit is equipped with an additional visible spectrum semiconductor laser for precise positioning of the workpiece.

The laser machine is equipped with a highly developed self-diagnostic system.

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