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KN95 Face Mask FFP2 for sale

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Min. Order Quantity: 10,000 Units
Production capacity: 2,000,000 Units/day
Supply time: 1 Day(s)
Payment terms: Cash, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $0.36 / Unit
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Product description

KN95 Face Mask FFP2 for sale.

Kn95 face mask kn95 mask test approved 5 layers mask for sale

Model Number:kn95

Type: Disposable, Face Mask

Function: Anti-dust

Standard: GB/T2626-2006 GB/T32610-2016

Certification: FDA/CE

Product features

KN95 Face Mask FFP2

Color: White

Material: Non-woven Fabric+ Melt-blown

Feature: Eco-friendly

Usage: Outdoor Face Mask

Application: Pollution District

Style: Elastic Ear-loop

Packing: 20pcs/bag 500pcs/Carton

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    KN95 Face Mask FFP2 for sale
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