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Multi-Layer Pipe Production Line, machinery

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Product description

Machinery: Multi-Layer Pipe Production Line for "domestic device" covers a wide variety of personal applications in a building. These include all types of panels and floor heating systems, which are hot.Cold water facilities and sound insulation drainage. The three characteristics of plastic pipes are important for all these applications, and their relevance depends on the specific application in each case. Both the heating pipe and the hot water pipe must withstand internal pressure and high heat resistance. The piping in the heating system must also be airtight toprevent. Corrosion of metal components through oxygen infiltration and diffusion heating systems to ensure compliance with these requirementsof plastic pipes, PE-X, PE-RT, PP-R, PB and C-PVC have been established as the most suitable materials. The oxygen barrier of the pipe in the heating system is composed of Aluminum barrier in EVOH layer or composite pipe.

Product features

Multi-Layer Pipe Production Line

These 5-layer pipes with a diameter of 16-63 mm are often used for heating technology, especially for heating applications. The middle aluminum layer is surrounded by two adhesive layers and then the inner and outer layers of PE-X or PE-RT consist. Due to the use of such metal rods, these pipes do not necessarily contain oxygen and other gases, and in the case of PE-X they are also resistant to external ultraviolet radiation and internal chlorine. At the same time, the aluminum layer ensures a high degree of dimensional stability and at the same time the flexibility for small bend radii of the pipe can be simply formed by hand, or it can also be connected by a cold or clamping process. large meeting costs. A special type of composite tube is the so-called "stabilized tube", which is an aluminum-coated PP-R tube with an extruded outer layer to increase its stiffness.

Advantages of this production line:

1. Customerizing configuration from single-layer, 2, 3, 5 multi-layer pipe structure

2. Single or multiple spiral bodies are provided by multilayer tube material and thickness structure, and appropriate flow path distribution is designed according to the different cavity cavities of the material to ensure the pipe material

3. The thickness of each layer is even, better plasticizing effect

4. Vacuum chamber adopts double chamber design for quick setting

5. According to different multi-layer pipe diameters, high-speed belt traction machine and traction mechanism with multi-track structure and high speed ratio

6. Dual-hydraulic chipless cutting, incision formation

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    Multi-Layer Pipe Production Line, machinery
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