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PE, PP, PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line, machinery

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Supply time: 35 Day(s)
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Price: $3,000.00 / Piece
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Product description

Machinery: PE, PP, PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line.

PC Hollow profile sheet exhibits extremely high light transmittance. This product is resistant to weather, fire, impact, and is light weight, insulates heat, and is resistant to UV rays. Some of the many applications include light covers, greenhouses, interior decor, sound proofing panels and advertising billboards.

PP Hollow profile sheet is lightweight, impact and oil resistant, and waterproof. Applications include packaging containers, display panels, daily use items, stationery, and protective packaging for building materials. PP can be formed into any shape and type of product such as turnover boxes, component boxes and plastic partitions. This is excellent material widely used for protecting electronic parts.

Product features

The feature of PE, PP, PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line:

1. The special screw structure designed by our company ensures good plasticizing of the material and high transparency of the board.

2. The heat treatment device can eliminate the internal stress of the PC / PP / PE product and avoid warping or cracking of the product.

3. Fast cooling molds support the production line with faster line speed and higher efficiency.

4. The PP / PC / PE hollow board products of this equipment are widely used in recycling boxes, advertising billboard and so on.

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    PE, PP, PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line, machinery
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