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PE, WPC Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply time: 35 Day(s)
Payment terms: T/T Telex transfer
Delivery conditions: FOB: Free On Board
Product delivery at: Qingdao
Price: $3,000.00 / Piece
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Product description

WPC PE PVC (Wood plastic) profile extrusion line is mainly used in extruding door and window profile, window sill, wood-plastic indoor decoration profile, wood-plastic outdoor decoration profile, etc...

For diffrent sectional surface and die head,twin parallel (conical) screw extruder of diffrent specifictions can be chosen together with corresponding vacuum calibrating table, haul off unit, cutting unit, tilter, etc...

Product features

Based on 12 years research and development,our company has rich experience on wood plastic extrusion due to our pioneer technology and contribution to the industry the centrol government of china give special support on our company.

We have been honored as the team leader of the WPC technology development in china from 2008 our machine can deal with powder and granule at the same time there is no compounding needed it cost less on machine investment and energy.

We have developed unit formula that gives more wood powder added able to use 100% recycled material the products looks as wood stable under the sun and outdoor use.

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    PE, WPC Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Line
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