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Pegasus Rebar Tier tool

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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supply time: 1 Day(s)
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Price: $1,258.32 / Piece
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Product description

The Pegasus Rebar Tier tool can be widely used as a rebar tying tool in buildings, bridges, roads, railways, infrastructure and even other special projects.

The intelligent rebar tying technology takes place of hand tying, it improves the work efficiency and makes less workers needed. Weighing just 1,2 kg, the new Pegaso cordless Rebar Tier is as powerful as a corded one. Provided with two high-performance Lithium-Ion 14,4V batteries, it offers great freedom of movement and long working autonomy for craftsmen on construction sites.

Thanks to tying speed of 0,7 seconds per tie, the execution on construction sites becomes particularly fast for better management of time and allocated resources. The new Pegaso Rebar Tier automatically adjusts the clamping power according to the dimensions of the iron.

Product features

Characteristics of the Pegasus Rebar Tier tool:

Weight: 1,45 Kg.

Dimension: 300x225x68mm.

Tying speed (s): Appox 0,7.

Ties/coil (pcs): Approx 283.

Charging time: 1,5 hours.

Ties/charge (pcs): 2.250-6.800.

Tying range: 12-24 mm

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    Pegasus Rebar Tier tool
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