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PET Sheet Production Line, machinery

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Product description

Machinery: PET Sheet Production Line.

PET plastic extrusion sheet unit has compact structure and superior performance. Screw, barrel optimized design, and the use of high-performance alloy steel 38CrMoAiA professional processing, so that the entire machine has a plasticized uniform, stable extrusion, high output, long life and other advantages.

The host barrel adopts cast aluminum heater for heating, air cooling, precise electronic control instrument to control temperature, and drive motor for frequency control. Hardened gear reducer can be continuously operated for a long time without failure. Precise shaping calender device, through its good adjustment function to make the sheet shape accurately.

With the integrated design of the whole unit, the main and auxiliary machines are operated synchronously, featuring high efficiency, high performance, and high stability. It is an ideal production equipment for extruded PET sheet.

Product features

Features of PET Sheet Production Line:

- For different plastics, a special screw is specially designed to ensure the plasticization of the material and the quality of the product.

- Three groups of temperature control, each group independent control, temperature control can guarantee within ± 3 °C range, the three groups of temperature control system each group has a separate cooling device to ensure that the lifting temperature is sensitive and reliable, the temperature range at room temperature -140 °C.

- The use of multi-screw spiral water channel design makes the roller surface temperature more uniform and the product surface quality is better.

- The three calender rollers of the calender are driven by an independent motor, frequency control, and the product's pull ratio can be adjusted at will.

PET sheet production machinery.

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    PET Sheet Production Line, machinery
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