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Produce highly precision - customer defined - presice C.N.C Machined metal

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Service description

Zero-Point Precision Technologies Corp. Ltd. is proud to produce highly precision - customer defined - presice C.N.C Machined metal parts. Holding the very strict - Air and Space standart: AS9100, Allowing us to manufacture parts for the Aviation industry. The main products are applied in Micro Stirling Cooler.

We, at Z.P.P.T, craft and process almost any kind of metal and other materials, such as:

· Steel parts

· Stainless steel parts

· Aluminum parts

· Bronze parts

· Titanium parts

· Nylon 6/6 parts

· Teflon parts

· And much much more!

Z.P.P.T is happy to diliver the documentations, demended by our customers, such as:

· F.A.I reports

· C.O.C reports

· Inspection reports

· Serviceable tags

so your company will get all the necessary information and will save a lot of time. Contact us.

Service features

The products manufactured by the company are widely used in many industries such as hardware, plastics, electronic appliances, medical equipment, optical communications, automobiles and machinery.

At the same time, he has rich experience in processing various materials, such as AL6061/7075, KOVAR iron nickel cobalt alloy, 17-4PH, ESD225/420, DERLIN, S136H, SS440C, SKD11/SKH51, ceramic ceramic, carbide Carbide, SUS303/304, engineering plastic PEEK and so on.

In addition, we can also provide customers with special processing, special heat treatment and special plating, surface treatment, etc.: such as optical grinding, honing, precision EDM shaped processing, carburizing, nitriding, vacuum heat treatment, ultra-low temperature treatment.

Hard oxidation of aluminum parts , steel parts are blue, electrolytic polishing, electroless nickel, silver plating, gold plating, DLC, titanium plating, black chrome plating, etc.

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    Produce highly precision - customer defined - presice C.N.C Machined metal
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