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Professional Renewal Spicule Ampoule

Min. Order Quantity: 48 Pieces
Production capacity: 10,000 Boxes/day
Supply time: 1 Week(s)
Payment terms: Credit Card, PayPal, T/T Telex transfer
Delivery conditions: FOB: Free On Board
Product delivery at: Seoul of Korea
Price: $52.00 / Piece
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Product description

Professional Renewal Spicule Ampoule 30ml


After completing basic skin care, applying into the nose and the forehead.

Be careful not to apply onto the eyes.

Additional Points

It has some stimulation for the first usage. However, it's stimulation will be milder.

Ingredient Story


UItimatum Wrinkle Care

Main Concept



Cosmerit concept




Key Concept



Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

Brand: Cosmerit

Manufacturer: Cosmerit

The expiration date: December, 2022

Product features

Professional Renewal Spicule Ampoule 30ml

Anti-aging and Wrinkle Cares

Peptide Complex-7 creates and releases protein to nourish the skin and to keep the skin elasticity with keeping the skin moisturized.

Spicule conveys active substance to the skin deeply and promotes active materials to deliver deep into the skin.

Centella asiatica supports the skin moisturizing, collagen synthesis, and skin astringent.

CosmeritⓇ Functional Treatment

We are looking for the distributors and wholesalers in the global beauty market. If you have interest in distributing Cosmerit, contact us.

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    Professional Renewal Spicule Ampoule
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