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byQingdao Precision Machine Co., Ltd.
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply time: 60 Day(s)
Payment terms: L/C Letter of credit, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $85,000.00 / Set
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Product description

The common PP/PS sheet extrusion production lines are single-machine single-layer sheet production lines and double-machine co-extrusion three-layer sheet production lines, as well as multi-machine co-extrusion multi-layer production lines, which can process up to 7-9 layers of composite sheet production lines. Such as high-barrier EVOH multi-layer co-extruded sheet. This model can process polyolefin materials such as PP, PS, PE, etc.

Our company's PP/PS sheet production line:

Using multi-extruder co-extrusion technology to produce multi-layer co-extrusion composite PP and PS sheets, such as ABA, ABCBA, ABCDCBA and other multi-layer structures, which are widely used in thermoforming, printing, hardware packaging, electronic trays, flocking, Food, clothing, tools, toys, stationery pieces, decorative pieces, etc.

* Equipped with a precision distributor, the layers are uniform, the proportion of each layer is adjustable, and the digital control is precise.

* The oblique and horizontal tableting structure is more convenient for operation and maintenance.

* The roller is powered independently, and the linear speed and the extruder speed are synchronously closed-loop controlled.

Product features

Main uses of PP/PS sheet:

* PP/PS plastic sheet

* PP/PS single-layer sheet, PP/PS co-extruded two-color sheet, PP double-sided high-transparency sheet, etc. are used in the blister packaging industry.

* PP stationery sheet

* PP transparent sheet, frosted sheet (coarse sand, fine sand), two-color sheet and other sheets used in the stationery packaging industry.

* PP micro-foamed sheet, PP foamed sheet has unique advantages, PP foamed sheet with density greater than 0.45g/m3 has good bending resilience, is not easy to deform, and has broad application prospects in the field of folders; PP foam sheet with a density of 0.6g/m3 has good mechanical properties and has a very broad future in the field of automotive interior decoration; it can be processed into carpet support materials, shading panels, sound insulation panels, luggage racks, interior trim parts, covers, boxes Body, etc.; PP foam sheet with a density of 0.3g/m3 has good flexibility and resilience, suitable for packaging, partition boards and other fields.

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