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PVC Free Foamed Board Production Line, machinery

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Price: $3,000.00 / Piece
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Product description

Machinery: PVC Free Foamed Board Production Line.

This production line consists of special twin screw extruder, mould abnd auxiliary machines, our company will offer formulation and full sets of technology of the complete processes.

The production line has the advantages of large output, stable extrusion, high foamed ratio; the product is of smooth surface, anti-wear, etc...

Combined with printing, lamination and hot-pressing equipments, it can produce various kindsof simulated wood products which have wide application.

Product features

PVC Free Foamed Board Production Line. Advantages of this production line:

1. The special screw is specially designed to ensure the plasticization of the PVC and the quality of the product.

2. The use of multi-screw spiral water channel design makes the roller surface temperature more uniform and the surface quality of the product is better.

3. The three rollers of the calender are driven by an independent motor, with variable frequency speed regulation, and the pull ratio of the product can be adjusted as desired.

4. Three groups of temperature control, each group independent control, temperature control can guarantee within ± 3 °C range, three groups of temperature control system each group has a separate cooling device to ensure that the temperature is sensitive and reliable, the temperature range at room temperature -140 °C

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    PVC Free Foamed Board Production Line, machinery
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