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PVC Multi Hole Pipe Production Line, machinery

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Product description

Machinery: PVC Multi Hole Pipe Production Line

PVC(PE)multi-hole pipe is also called plum blossom pipe just because its section likes plum blossom. It has the features of corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and high tenacity because of its structure of multi-pipe aso has the features of easy working, strong adaptability, low cost and so on. It has been widely used in the fields of communication, electricity cable and so on.

Product features

PVC Multi Hole Pipe Production Line. PVC porous plum blossom tube is based on pvc particles as the main material plus other formulations through a unique mold formed by a plum-shaped communication pipe, also known as plum tube and honeycomb tube, this pipe is smooth, can directly wear fiber optic cable, can Save man-hours, its structure is reasonable, the use of high value, long life. It is mainly used for advantages, mobile, Railcom, China Unicom, China Netcom, radio and television communications cable sheathing.

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    PVC Multi Hole Pipe Production Line, machinery
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