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byQingdao Precision Machine Co., Ltd.
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply time: 45 Day(s)
Payment terms: L/C Letter of credit, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $34,600.00 / Set
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Product description

Factory direct supply PVC price tag extrusion machine PVC shelf label tag production equipment.

Profile extrusion line components: the production line is composed of extruder, mold, three-way motor moving vacuum setting table, wear-resistant tractor, online fine cutting machine, stacking rack and other parts.

Product features

Features of production line:

1.- With reference to foreign technology, the unique screw design has the characteristics of uniform plasticization, stable operation and high output.

2.- The main engine and traction device adopt Taiwan Delta frequency conversion speed controller, which can realize the stepless speed regulation of the whole line; the temperature control of the profile production equipment adopts the Japanese Omron temperature control instrument, and the profile production equipment can achieve temperature control; the screw core adopts The temperature control system of outer or inner circulation avoids over-plasticization of materials caused by high output.

3.- The three-way motor mobile vacuum setting table adopts a water-circulating sealed energy-saving vacuum system, equipped with centralized water supply and quick-change connectors, which can easily and quickly replace different forms of setting molds, and can ensure the stability and deformation of the profile extrusion process;

4.- The on-line fine cutting device ensures the surface finish of the extruded product; the cutting device is a synchronous tracking structure, which can ensure that the product section is flat and there is no chipping phenomenon

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