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PVC Stone Plastic Floor Board Manufacture, Production Line, machinery

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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply time: 35 Day(s)
Payment terms: T/T Telex transfer
Price: $30,000.00 / Piece
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Product description

Machinery: PVC Stone Plastic Floor Board Manufacture, Production Line.

PVC stone-plastic floor production line can realize the extrusion, hot-film color decoration layer and wear-resistant layer, and can be completed on the same equipment at one time. The use of this equipment can not only achieve the surface can be hot coated with a variety of different colors of color film decorative layer, and directly in the plate decoration layer heat wear layer, do a variety of basso-relievo wood patterns, the bottom can also be directly hot Padded cushion silencing layer. The products produced with this set of equipment can reduce surface treatment patterns and have wear-resistant properties. Reduce labor and equipment investment, and greatly reduce PVC flooring production costs.

Product features

PVC Stone Plastic Floor Board Production Line:

1. Green and Recyclable: The main raw material for the production of stone-plastic flooring is natural stone powder which is a green and environmental-friendly new type of floor decoration material that does not contain any radioactive elements.

2. Ultra-light and thin: only 2-3mm thickness, 2-3kg per square meter of stone plastic floor, less than 10% of ordinary ground materials. In the high-rise building with a lower building weight and space conservation.

3. Wear-resisting and non-slip: The surface of stone-plastic floor has a special high-tech transparent abrasion-resistant layer, which has special anti-slip property. Compared with ordinary floor materials, stone-plastic floor has a sense of touch in the case of sticky water. More astringent, less likely to slip, that is, the more water the more astringent

4. High elasticity and impact resistance: stone plastic floor texture is softer so elastic, in the weight of the impact of a good elastic recovery, the foot feel comfortable is called "soft gold flooring."

5. Waterproof and moisture: stone plastic floor because of the main ingredient -- vinyl resin, naturally not afraid of water, as long as it is not immersed in water for long, it wouldn’t have been damaged.

6. Sound-absorbing and noise-proof: stone plastic flooring has a unique sound absorption effect with ordinary ground materials, and its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, so it suits a quiet environment such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture halls, theaters and other selected stone plastic flooring,

7. Seamless welding: The stone and plastic flooring with special colors are installed strictly. The joints are very small.

8. Various pattern design: stone plastic floor with a variety of patterns, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wood floor pattern, etc..., can even be personalized to order.

9. Good thermal and thermal insulation performance: stone plastic floor with a good thermal performance, uniform heat dissipation, and thermal expansion coefficient is small, relatively stable.

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    PVC Stone Plastic Floor Board Manufacture, Production Line, machinery
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