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Rotatable Digital Signage Kiosk

byGuangzhou Leangle
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Production capacity: 100 Units/day
Supply time: 3 Day(s)
Payment terms: Cash, Credit Card, D/A Documents against acceptance, D/P Documents against payment, L/C Letter of credit, PayPal, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $700.00 / Unit
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Product description

Digital Signage. Rotatable digital signage kiosk

1. 10-points Touch Screen

It can be operated by 10 people at the some time. 5 mm explosion protection toughened glass for the writing surface, the hands or any opaque items can achieve your operation to the touchscreen.

2. Operating Gesture

10-points touchscreen, Zoom in / zoom out, minify / magnify, rotating... simple operation, all is under your control.

3. The selected materials are of good quality and safe and stable.

Product features

Features of the Rotatable digital signage kiosk:

1. Android RK3288 Ram2G Rom8G

2. Brightness: 500cd/㎡

3. Resolution: 1920 x 1080

4. Screen ratio: 16:9

5. 10 points touch

6. 5mm tempered glass

7. Professional ad acoustic:10W x 2

8. Built in Wifi, BLUETOOTH, LAN.

9. Viewing angle:178°

10. Support remote control

11. For indoor

12. Original LG panel with LG backlight

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    Rotatable Digital Signage Kiosk
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