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Buy your laser cutting machine or laser engraving by contacting directly with the suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers that appear in Tabdevi.com. Through the product form you can contact the sellers to provide you with all the information of the laser cutting and laser engraving machinery that interests you such as: the model, laser power, type of material that can cut and engrave, thicknesses, production capacity, dimensions, etc.

Sale of machinery. If you are a seller, distributor, supplier, wholesaler and manufacturer of laser cutting and laser engraving machines or other types of industrial machinery or construction machinery and you want to view your product catalogue here, then register for free and publish your product catalogue so customers or buyers can contact you directly and ask you prices for the different markets and sale conditions.

What is a laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine?

Laser cutting and laser engraving machinery is a kind of machine that processes the material without contact, through a process of thermal separation between the laser and the material. This makes this type of machinery have many applications in sectors such as industry and advertising.

The laser engraving and laser cutting machinery can carry out personalized work on organic and inorganic materials. The laser engraver and laser cutter are versatile machines as they can work with different materials, only configuring the cutting process or the engraving process, the machinery offers great precision in the designs and works. In addition, the laser machinery is fast and you can get quality results in the work of parts, designs and projects of engraving and cutting materials.

The CNC laser cutting machinery cuts the materials using CO2 carbon dioxide and has a very sophisticated technology.

Examples of materials you could use the laser cutting and laser engraving machine

The laser cutter and laser engraver can be used on a wide variety of materials and the power of the laser influences the thickness of the type of material to be cut.

Depending on the type of engraving and cutting machine, the technical characteristics of the machine and its functions, the machine can be used on different types of materials, for example on plastics (acrylic, polyamide, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, polyester, polyethylene, polycarbonate, among other plastic materials), wood, stone, ceramics, marble, leather, skin, textiles, glass, metal, paper, cardboard, etc.

Applications of Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Engraving and cutting machinery is used in a wide variety of sectors and activities, adapting to different formats, for example:

  • in the industrial company is used for marking or the marking of production parts
  • .
  • marking the traceability of products.
  • brand labeling and banding, advertising, materials where customers want to engrave their logos, slogans and brand values.
  • gift and promotional items companies, where customers want to engrave their initials, logos, slogans and badges.
  • in new designs and prototypes are used for manufacturing by cutting and engraving the finished products.

Therefore, laser cutting and laser engraving machines can be used at industrial level, in the world of construction and manufacturing, but also in the world of fashion and clothing, crafts and handicrafts, advertising and merchandising items, branding, rubber, electronic components, packaging design, packaging, tools and tooling, jewelry, toys, automotive parts, models and prototypes, signs and advertising and electrical appliances and appliances such as mobile phones, computers, screens and other electronic devices.

How the laser cutting or laser engraving machine works

Step 1.- Through the computer, the geometries of the work, the design or the design is introduced directly in the program that controls the machine.

Step 2.- Depending on the material to be cut, the type of machine and models, different variables can be defined such as the type of material to be cut, thickness of the material, speeds, number of passes or repetitions, etc.

Step 3.- Once everything is defined, the work or design is sent to the machine to process the engraving or laser cutting on the selected material.

Step 4.- Once the laser cutting or laser engraving is finished you can have your project and design totally customized.

Remember that laser marking, engraving and cutting has many uses, utilities and applications for your designs and custom projects.

If after reading the specifications and characteristics of the machinery you have any questions, talk directly to vendors and suppliers of engraving and laser cutting machinery registered with Tabdevi contacting them through the contact form of the product you are interested. In addition, if you register you will be able to know other companies, the new machines they put on the market and know people in the sector to do business, as much in your country as in other countries.

If you are a buyer and want the seller to clarify any questions about the characteristics, specifications, conditions of sale, prices, then contact the seller through the product form to advise you on the purchase. No matter the country or the market you are in, you can contact and talk to the supplier directly so he can solve your doubts before making the purchase. It's that easy.

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