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Advice on tractors in 2020: Buyer's guide to tractors for sale, agricultural machinery and equipment, new, second-hand or used

New tractors of all popular brands and models such as Kubota, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Iseki, Field Trac, DongFeng, John Deere, Claas, Case IH, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Same, Deutz - Fahr, Landini, Valtra, Mahindra, Belarus, Branson, Buhler Versatile, Challenger, Kioti, LS tractor, McCormick, Antonio Carraro, Goldini, Ford, etc.

When a buyer wants to buy a new or second hand agricultural tractor he would like to be advised and have some questions answered about the features, functionalities and performance of the tractors and related agricultural machinery. If the sellers advise the buyers well, the sellers will be able to obtain the sale. Contact our sellers directly to get advice and solve your doubts without any obligation. Some questions, among others that you can ask them are the following:

  • which brand of tractor is best for your farm based on the terrain and the area of land to be worked,
  • what tractor power I need,
  • who can service my tractor,
  • in the event of a breakdown, to which workshop or after-sales service do I take the purchased tractor or agricultural machinery?,
  • what kind of implements are needed for your farm,
  • what performance each implement or equipment has.

All this and much more can be solved by talking directly to the various vendors or suppliers of tractors, machinery and agricultural equipment registered on Tabdevi.com.

If you are a seller of tractors and agricultural machinery, register and start selling your products and services. Sign up for free!

If you are a buyer and have any questions about a tractor or agricultural machinery, talk directly to the sellers through the product form so that they can advise you or solve your doubts for the purchase. It's that easy.

Tabdevi.com is a marketplace to do business where customers can find products and services in other parts of the world that may be interesting to export and import, find exporters, importers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and wholesalers of machinery, agricultural machinery and capital goods, learn news about new products, machinery or capital goods.

Next we will give you advice to value the tractors you may be interested in, either in the case of new tractors or in the case of second hand, used or second-hand tractors.

Tips for buying a new tractor and farm machinery

On a general level, the buyer could consider the following tips:

  • Analyse your agricultural machinery needs according to the land area or agricultural extension to be worked on in order to optimise your production and performance.
  • Consider the purpose of the farm tractor and the use to which it will be put by the buyer, operator, producer or contractor on the farm.
  • Look for the tractor or agricultural machinery that fits your farm, livestock, forestry or gardening operation so that it has optimum production and performance.
  • Of course, look at tractor and farm machinery prices for both 2020 and previous years' models if you want to save money in deciding whether to buy a new or a second-hand tractor.
  • When analysing a tractor, look, among other aspects, at:
    • whether it's single or four-wheel drive,
    • in the power performance of the tractor,
    • the productivity of the tractor for different tasks,
    • the load capacity of the tractor,
    • the towing capacity of the tractor,
    • the capacity of the tractor's hydraulic pumps,
    • the traction control.
  • Each buyer, operator, producer or contractor will look at some characteristics of the tractor, everything depends on the final use of the tractor and what agricultural machinery, equipment or implements can be used or not.
  • The layout of the implements and agricultural equipment and the weight of the implement or equipment are aspects that the buyer has to take into account when buying a tractor.
  • Whether or not the tractor needs a front Power Take-Off depends on the work to be done in the field.
  • There is a multitude of equipment on the market, front implements and rear implements for the various tillage tasks in agriculture, livestock farming, forestry and gardening. The implements usually have universal systems for coupling and putting into production for a wide range of tractor brands and models that are sold on the market and therefore, it is necessary to know whether or not the implements are compatible with each tractor, so it is very important to talk to your seller.

In order to know if an implement is compatible or not with a tractor, you have to talk directly with the seller. As an example and in general, the buyer should look at the following characteristics:

  • in the front or rear arrangement of the implement,
  • on the power take-off (front, rear or front and rear),
  • in the arrangement of the front and rear couplings,
  • on the capacity of the tractor's hydraulic pump and hydraulic system to operate the implement,
  • the weight of the implement in relation to the load capacity of the tractor, i.e. the front or rear lifting capacity of the implement or equipment with which the tractor will be working,
  • and all those specific characteristics that are particular to each implement.

These details must be taken into account in order to carry out the work under optimal production and performance conditions, both in agriculture, livestock and forestry.

In small farms, private individuals and gardening, consider using compact tractors or mini tractors.

If you have the possibility to test the tractor you could consider other tips, for example:

  • The ease of use of all the controls for the tractor operator,
  • Tractor maneuverability, turning radii, etc,
  • Quick coupling systems for front (e.g. loaders, sweepers, etc.) and rear implements,
  • Versatility of the tractor when replacing one implement with another for other work,
  • Hitching and lighting systems for night work,
  • Towing system depending on the size of the tractor,
  • Pedal control,
  • Tractor technology, design, equipment and comfort in the cab, if fitted.

Tractor and agricultural machinery brands

There are many tractor brands and manufacturing countries. Below we present the information organized by brands and organized by countries.

Organized by sales volume of tractor and mini-tractor brands:

  • John Deere is a USA based manufacturer of agricultural tractors, cotton harvesters, corn harvesters, sugar cane harvesters, landscaping machinery and equipment, construction machinery, and forestry machinery.
  • Claas is a manufacturer of German tractors and agricultural machinery - Germany.
  • Case IH is one of the world's largest manufacturers of tractors, equipment and agricultural machinery based in the United States - USA.
  • New Holland is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the USA.
  • Massey Ferguson is a US manufacturer of agricultural machinery, part of the AGCO group.
  • Fendt is a German agricultural equipment manufacturer, also part of the AGCO group in Germany.
  • Kubota is a tractor manufacturer in Japan.
  • Yanmar is an engine manufacturer and uses its engines for boats, agricultural machinery such as tractors, construction equipment, etc. Japanese manufacturer.
  • DongFeng DFSK is a Chinese manufacturer of tractors and other motor vehicles such as buses, trucks, spare parts and cars. Manufacturer from China.
  • Mitsubishi is a Japanese manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery.
  • Same is an Italian industrial manufacturer - Italy that makes tractors and agricultural machinery.
  • Deutz-Fahr is a German tractor manufacturer with a lot of technology and selling worldwide.
  • Landini is an Italian - Italy tractor manufacturer who offers its customers efficient and high performance tractors.
  • Iseki is a Japanese tractor manufacturer - Japan.
  • Steyr is a tractor manufacturer from Austria.
  • Valtra is a Finnish tractor manufacturer in the AGCO group.
  • Farmtrac is a tractor manufacturer from Poland.
  • Tümosan is a tractor manufacturer from Turkey.
  • JCB is a manufacturer of construction equipment and agricultural machinery from the United Kingdom - UK.
  • Zetor is a tractor manufacturer from the Czech Republic.
  • Mahindra is a tractor manufacturer from India, belonging to the Mahindra Group.
  • Belarus Tractor is a tractor manufacturer from Belarus.
  • Branson Tractors from South Korea. The brand currently has tractors that vary in power from 19 to 80 horsepower.
  • Buhler Versatile is a Canadian manufacturer of agricultural tractors.
  • Challenger Tractor is a brand created by Caterpillar manufacturer of heavy machinery, engines, electronics from the United States - USA and was sold to AGCO.
  • Kioti Tractor is a manufacturer of tractors and agricultural equipment from South Korea and is marketed under the trade name Daedong in other parts of the world.
  • LS Tractor is a Korean tractor manufacturer - Korea.
  • McCormick is an Italian tractor manufacturer - Italy.
  • Antonio Carraro is a manufacturer of Italian - Italy tractors with a variety of brands and models of tractors.
  • Goldini is a manufacturer of Italian - Italy tractors.

Tractor brands organized by country:

  • United States (USA)
    • John Deere
    • Case IH
    • New Holland
    • Massey Ferguson
    • Challenger Tractors
  • Germany, German tractors
    • Claas
    • Fendt
    • Deutz-Fahr
  • Italy, Italian tractors
    • Landini
    • Same
    • McCormick
    • Antonio Carraro
    • Goldini
  • South Korea
    • Branson Tractors
    • Kioti Tractors
    • LS Tractors
  • Japan
    • Kubota
    • Iseki
    • Mitsubishi
    • Yanmar
  • China
    • DongFeng DFSK
  • Canada
    • Buhler Versatile
  • Belarus
    • Belarus Tractor
  • India
    • Mahindra
  • Czech Republic
    • Zetor
  • United Kingdom
    • JCB
  • Turkey
    • Tümosan
  • Poland
    • Farmtrac
  • Finland
    • Valtra
  • Austria
    • Steyr

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