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How to sell online

With Tabdevi you can start to sell online products and services to customers, companies, entrepreneurs, distributors, suppliers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and professionals that meet your sales needs. At all times, you are in control of deciding which customers to sell your products and services to.

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How to sell online on Tabdevi

Selling on Tabdevi is very easy, register and publish your products and services to attract the attention of customers and buyers. If buyers are interested they will contact you directly through your product or service and if you fill in the company profile data, customers will be able to contact you through the data displayed in your profile to negotiate and make the sale online.

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Stay connected and respond to a customer when a customer wants to buy

With Tabdevi's digital marketing tools you can sell online and stay connected with your customers and buyers. Buyers can contact you directly through your own products and services.

Therefore, we advise you to respond to buyers' messages as soon as possible.

In addition, we give you some tips to sell online and improve your online presence. If you are a company we advise you to complete your company profile to convey a good image to buyers who contact you directly, make good product descriptions, use good photos and marketing materials to capture the attention of buyers.

If you need more information contact our team, they can help you sell.

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Can I sell on Tabdevi for free?

Yes, selling on Tabdevi is free if you have a free account. If you have a professional account you will be able to access more digital marketing features in your sales center as a professional seller and you will be able to improve your online presence, so you will be able to capture the attention of buyers more easily to start selling online.

What is the cost of selling on Tabdevi?

Tabdevi does not charge sales commission for selling on Tabdevi, nor commission for buying online. The cost of selling on Tabdevi corresponds to the type of account you select as a seller free, profesional, business or premium account.

Tabdevi provides you with the different account types so you can grow, increase your online sales and access the different digital marketing functionalities to improve your online presence and start selling in a global online marketplace where customers can contact you directly and you can close sales of products and services.

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What products to sell online on Tabdevi

On Tabdevi you can start selling products online and sell services. From Tabdevi's seller central you can consult more than 35 categories of products to start selling online, register and start now.

For example, you can sell online machinery, machines, products of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fishing, food, processed food and beverages, automobiles, cars and motorcycles, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, beauty and cosmetic products, slippers, footwear and clothing and fashion accessories, rubber products and plastic products, raw materials, personal hygiene products, fitness products and machinery, sports equipment, sports products, travel equipment, musical instruments, playground and entertainment products, toys, household appliances, technology products, consumer electronics, electrical appliances and installations, renewable energy equipment, pipes, tubes, turbines, gates, valves, motors, electric motors, containers, packaging and printing materials, luggage, bags and suitcases, service equipment, electrical equipment, electronic components and systems, eyeglasses, watches, jewelry and accessories, tools and consumables, household products, decorative items, terrace and garden, industrial supplies, industrial products, products related to the extractive industry, stones, minerals and metallurgy, measuring instruments, verification and navigation, toys, lights and lighting, industrial equipment and equipment, construction materials, products to improve the environment, furniture, furnishings, office supplies, school and trade supplies, mechanical parts and metal parts, pet products and animal products, chemicals, protective equipment and work safety equipment, gifts and handicrafts, selling clothing and apparel, medical equipment, telecommunication apparatus and telecommunication equipment, fabrics, textile, leather, leather goods, leather and related products, transportation equipment, loading and unloading...

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What services to sell online at Tabdevi

Tabdevi is not only an online marketplace for products, but in Tabdevi you can also publish services as added value for customers. How many companies are there in the market that in addition to offering products offer value-added services to their customers? Well, in Tabdevi you can also offer your services.

You can consult the Tabdevi's seller central with more than 30 categories of products and services to register and start selling online.

For example, sell online conservation and maintenance services, commercial agents, rental or leasing, lawyers, business administration, computer services, architects, engineers, graphic arts, decoration and interior design, designers, economists and financiers, events, marketing and advertising, veterinarians, human resources consulting, strategic consulting and operations, financial consulting, project management, supervision and auditing, consulting and other qualified services, project cooperation, brokerage and intermediary services, education, training and coaching, import of goods, export of goods, fairs and exhibitions, supply chain management, licensing and permitting, non-profit organizations, networks and internet, repair and maintenance, health, medical and welfare, material recycling service, waste treatment and management service, certification and inspection services, construction, mining and facilities services, leisure, travel and tourism services, telecommunication services, financial and insurance services, general services, related services, technology services, auctions, outsourcing, information technology and communications, translation and interpreting, transportation, logistics and warehousing services...

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Export consulting

Tabdevi provides you with an international online sales channel in an online marketplace. If you want to be an exporter and sell in international markets, but you need help to export or advice for exporting to other markets, our teams of experts in exporting goods can help you to sell in international markets and export without problems.

If you have questions about tariffs, taxes, export documents, export licenses and other international inquiries about exporting goods, contact our expert export teams.

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Start to sell on the Internet today

Sell on the Internet gives you access to millions of buyers from all over the world. If you register, your account will be set up for customers from all over the world to contact you. Follow the tips, make good product and service descriptions, upload quality photos and upload as many photos as possible to capture the attention of buyers.