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If you are a professional selling products or you are a service provider open your free Tabdevi account to start selling on the Internet.

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You can publish the sale of +49 products and services for free simultaneously, according to the features of our free account. If you want to publish more, then you can access a professional account with more features and more capacity.

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Buying professionally has never been so easy. Create your central purchasing department for free. Advertise your purchases, earn money buying at better prices and buy directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

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Reaches millions of buyers worldwide

Tabdevi is an online buying and selling platform that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. Search for the product and service you are interested in and buyer and seller will contact each other directly through the ad.

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Are you a company or a professional seller?

Tabdevi makes it easy for you. If you are a professional seller we put at your service online marketing tools to help you sell, manage sales and contact customers.

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How to create an account on Tabdevi?

Creating a free account is very easy, click here to start selling, you don't need a credit card to get a free account. Once you are registered, if you also want to be a verified seller to convey more confidence we have to verify your account, for this you have to access the account types to sell Tabdevi and we will call you to verify the data.

How to sell online?

You can start selling online once you register on Tabdevi. Post your product sale ad or service sale ad and if the information displayed is interesting to your customers and buyers, then they will contact you through the product or service or your professional profile contact details. From there, you must close the deal according to the price, payment conditions and delivery terms.

What fees and commissions do we charge on sales?

Tabdevi does not apply any commissions or fees on sales.. Tabdevi provides you with the online marketplace and the different online marketing tools so you can start selling anywhere in the world. Click on the link and you will see the different account types.

How much does it cost to ship a product?

Each product is different, it is not the same to sell machinery than to sell wine, the dimensions, weight, packaging and distance is decisive to know the shipping cost, both in national and international shipments. Therefore, we recommend that you talk to the postal company of your country and national and international transport companies to know the shipping costs and so you can inform the customer of the shipping costs, so you can boost your business and your online sales.

How will a customer pay for my product or service?

When you advertise the sale of a product or service you must define the payment terms and delivery conditions that you accept to make the sale. You can select different forms of payment from Paypal, credit card, cash, transfer, to letter of credit and other more complex ones. You are the one who indicates how the customer must pay for your product or service and how to deliver the merchandise, product or service.

Can I sell locally on Tabdevi?

Of course. If you feel more comfortable selling locally, go ahead, no problem. In this case it is important that you define that you only ship, sell and provide services near your geographic location, so indicate the geographic location on your products and services.

Can I sell nationally and internationally on Tabdevi?

Yes, the online marketplace in Tabdevi is an international marketplace and is designed to increase sales nationally and internationally by translating your products and services into different languages so that customers from other countries contact you to do business and you know how to increase your sales, from which countries they are contacting you and with which customers it is easier to do business.

What can I sell online?

On Tabdevi you can sell products and services. If you want to know what I can sell online, then you should know that Tabdevi is a product marketplace with 37 categories to sell products and if you are a professional seller, we inform you that Tabdevi is a service marketplace with 32 categories to sell services and you can consult them by clicking on the links. In addition, Tabdevi you can create your shopping center where you can publish your purchases and manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers or service providers can send you their offers so that you can buy.

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How to sell on the Internet?

If you are still wondering how to sell online products or how to sell services, contact our team and they will solve your doubts. Sign up and access Tabdevi with a free account and start selling online to millions of customers and buyers around the world. Do not forget, make good descriptions of the product and service, upload quality photos and upload as many photos as possible to capture the attention of buyers and you can sell online.

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