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Machinery Marketplace

B2B market for machinery online that seamlessly connects buyers with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. Tabdevi simplifies the business process by presenting SMEs with a business platform.

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Selling machinery

Today, Tabdevi enables companies to perform B2B marketing, promote and sell machinery and machines, B2B services and generate B2B leads. Get started to reach a wider audience and sell in other countries in Europe, Asia and America.

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Buying machinery

Buyers can publish their purchase orders and they will be public. Suppliers and distributors will be able to present their offers to potential customers and buyers who have a machinery purchase order.

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Benefits for customers and machinery buyers
  • Contact machinery suppliers, distributors and manufacturers effortlessly
  • Access to a wide variety of industrial machinery, agricultural machinery and construction machinery
  • Effortlessly find machinery suppliers, distributors and manufacturers from other countries
Benefits for machinery suppliers, distributors and manufacturers
  • Improve visibility by showcasing your machinery, machines and related services
  • Extend the reach of your machinery business
  • Increase the visibility of your machinery brand or brands of machinery for which you are a supplier and distributor

Sell industrial machinery

Register and start showing your industrial machinery products and services related to machinery. Customers and buyers will contact you directly through your ads for machinery and machinery for sale of all kinds, for example:

  • Cutting, machining and finishing machines, hand tools, cutting tools, power tools, machine equipment, pumps, compressors, valves, solenoid valves, pipes and filters.
  • Motors and motor control, automation, tooling, bearings and lubricants.
  • Industrial machinery and equipment, food industry machinery, measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, automation, robotics, production lines, packaging, packing, logistics and other industrial machinery and equipment.

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Selling industrial machinery and industrial equipment

Selling farm machinery

If you are a supplier, distributor or manufacturer of agricultural machinery, perfect. Sign up and start displaying your farm machinery products and farm machinery related services to let customers and buyers contact you directly through your ads for farm machinery for sale, tractors and implements for sale.

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Sell farm machinery

Selling construction machinery

If you commercialize construction machinery, Tabdevi allows you to showcase your construction machinery products and services related to construction machinery.

Customers and buyers will contact you through your ads for construction machinery and construction machines for sale.

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Selling construction machinery

B2B marketing strategy

One of the most important B2B marketing strategies to sell machinery for professionals and companies today is digitalization and that is what Tabdevi provides you with.

Tabdevi simplifies the entire business process and is a platform for vendors, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

Through the products and services you publish you will connect with buyers and customers.

Also, if you have new projects contact us we would like to show your products and services and we would like to publish information about your project to make it known.

B2B marketing strategy

Reach more clients and buyers

Tabdevi is a B2B marketing tool for companies, professionals, SMEs and large companies to showcase their products and services nationally and internationally.

Reach out with your products and services to contact buyers and clients, wherever they are, because any time is a good time to do business and increase sales. How does Tabdevi work?

Register now and start showing your products and services. Customers and buyers will contact you directly through your machines and machinery for sale ads. Show good ads to catch the attention of customers.

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